• Apple’s next AirPods could launch before the end of the year

  • That’s according to an analysis from Wedbush Securities, which also sees a positive outlook for iPhone sales in the near future, reports 9to5Mac. Regarding iPhones, Wedbush says that current iPhone demand is stable and the firm expects Apple to sell 180 million units in FY2019 in total. As most others do, Wedbush also expects three new iPhone models in the fall.

    As for Apple’s insanely popular AirPods line of wireless earbuds, despite Apple having just updated the product this past spring, Wedbush says we can expect another iteration of the AirPods before the end of the year. Wedbush has termed these new AirPods the “AirPods 3,” but others are calling them “AirPods Pro.” The only thing that seems certain is that these upcoming AirPods will not replace the AirPods that are currently on sale. Those AirPods sport the H1 chipset, which allows for “Hey Siri” support.

    Instead, the AirPods 3 (or whatever they will be called) will be sold alongside the current AirPods but at a higher price point. Wedbush says the new AirPods will offer waterproofing and sport design enhancements. It should be noted that analysts aren’t always right in their predictions. Though they source their information from the supply chain in Asia, that’s no certainty that such information is accurate or will not change in the future. However, other rumors in recent months have stated Apple will diversify the AirPod lineup in the coming year, and Wedbush’s analysis lends more credibility to those rumors.