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    It's no secret that Huawei has been developing its own mobile operating system to replace the Google-built version of Android that powers its popular current range of smartphones.
    However, the company dramatically accelerated the project after Google suspended all business with the Shenzhen-based company following the recent US trade ban. As a result, Huawei has lost access to future updates to the Google-developed version of the open-source Android operating system, including Android Q.
    The Fourth of July is one of the most festive times of the year. All across America, people are celebrating Independence Day with barbecues, picnics, fireworks and, of course, sales. If you missed last month's big Memorial Day discounts or are looking for something to tide you over before Amazon Prime Day, this week is the perfect time to take advantage of some great deals. This sale on a Samsung 4k set is probably one of the best sales we've found so far — Walmart is knocking $102 off an already budget-friendly Samsung 4k Smart TV.
    According to a US financial media CNBC quoted JP Morgan Chase on Monday, the new iPhone released next year is likely to re-drive the growth of this flagship product. Samik Chatterjee, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase, said in the report: "Our optimistic view for 2020 is based on the announcement of four new iPhone releases and more major hardware configuration upgrades." Apple will usually The new iPhone is released every September. The success of each release cycle is influenced by a number of factors, including the number of upgraded users of older phones and the macroeconomic conditions around the world.
    That’s according to an analysis from Wedbush Securities, which also sees a positive outlook for iPhone sales in the near future, reports 9to5Mac. Regarding iPhones, Wedbush says that current iPhone demand is stable and the firm expects Apple to sell 180 million units in FY2019 in total. As most others do, Wedbush also expects three new iPhone models in the fall.